Gillian Hobson Lightlines
25 MAR – 3 MAY 2014

Current Exhibition Poster

The title ‘Lightlines’ references Jaques Lacan’s essay,
‘The Line and the Light’ which discusses visual perception
and its relation to the subject. Works play with the idea of
what we see and what may be seen, and the surrender of
the gaze through the allure of the image.

Developed from a project comprising more that 5000
photographs of the artist’s home taken over a three year period.
Artworks that tease out some of the complexities of our
relationships with spaces of dwelling through a photogrpahic
expoloration of spatial experience and sound.

Open Tues - Sat 9 - 5pm. Closed Bank Holidays.

Future Exhibitions Coming Soon

lincolnshire art exhibition

Unfamiliar Ground
6 May – 7 June

Part of the Art Unpacked series bringing the work of some of the UK's most exciting contemporary printmakers to a range of small venues across to North Yorkshire and East Lancashire. Rather than describing the familiar, the artists featured create pictorial worlds that invite our imaginations to wander. In these worlds city and nature collide, visual disruptions make us look again, and the boundaries of traditional printmaking techniques, such as etching or lithography, are challenged. A sense of utopia and dystopia is glimpsed through combinations of complex imagery, skilled drawing, and a playfulness with the print process.

lincolnshire art exhibition

George Rowlett – in the midst of it
18 June – 2 August

Working In association with Artspace, Islington , Abbey Walk Gallery exhibit the exciting work of the painter George Rowlett (born in 1941). Renowned for his landscape paintings using bold impasto that powerfully evoke a sense of place through strong lyrical colour and elemental composition. Rowlett creates sculptural pieces of work that revel in oil’s viscosity and light.