George Rowlett – in the midst of it
18 JUNE – 2 AUG 2014

Current Exhibition Poster

A landscape artist at the top of their game chooses compositions that give a sense of place as well as
capturing changing weather patterns and ephemeral light.
A landscape oil painting—when done well—has the power
to transport its viewer. George Rowlett in his exhibition ‘In
the Midst of it’ hosted at Abbey Walk Gallery in June is such
an artist.

When George paints he is seldom deterred by the weather, he
sets out most days on an ancient bicycle, laden with wood panels,
tools, palette and 12-and-a-half litres of paint—just white and the
three primaries. He responds to the place and the conditions as
they evolve around him, and describes his paintings as “layers
of experience,” some conscious, others accidental George says
that he finds; “The fall of light from the sky is just one of the most glorious things. A daily gift.” .

Open Tues - Sat 9 - 5pm. Closed Bank Holidays.

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